Fueling Space
Innovationfor a Better World

Escape Velocity is a hybrid vehicle which is building ventures to solve real business problems in the Space industry. In the process we are transferring innovation between Space and Earth in order to increase Space venture market size & viability.

Based on a wide network of partnerships and in-house knowledge, we are able to identify, de-risk and solve problems which significantly hamper operations & progress of companies in the space industry.

What makes us unique is

An open line of funding from our family office fund we’re backed by.

Our in-house, full time proven team of over 200 product developers, designers and engineers allows us to quickly man tech operations of any size.

5 years of presence in the Space Community, with partners such as AIRBUS, SES, Lockheed Martin.

A strong focus on market discovery and validation, which hugely decreases the investment risk and increases the success rate of our ventures.

All the above allows us to bring the best lean & agile practices
to solving Space Industry problems.

Our Mission

To advance humanity’s
space domination
leverage space innovation
to better the World.


Who wouldn’t want to reach the stars and turn a profit in the process?

As intelligent investors and creators we are able to achieve 30x-100x return on
long-term investment in projects that are both exciting and high impact.

2019 saw the highest level of investment in the space sector to date, reaching $5 billion
and early-stage investment on the level of $524M. Experts agree in their predictions that
the global space industry is expected to generate revenue of $1.1 trillion or more in 2040.

In addition, after more than 40 years, the space sector continues to generate the largest
number of innovations and what has been achieved during this time has unimaginably
contributed to the development of our present. Improving the process of technological
and market validation is how we can further contribute to an even greater development
of this sector.

Space is not only a sector worth over 400 billion USD, but also… READ MORE
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Space is not only a sector worth over 400 billion USD, but also a destination that allows us to create a better tomorrow. Space is still a hotbed for disruptive technologies that stretch the boundaries of human engineering.

Ernst Stuhlinger, Scientific Director of NASA, on May 6, 1970, in a letter to Sister Mary Jucundy, explained in an extremely accurate way why the development of the space sector is so important.

"[...] The requirements for high precision and for extreme reliability which must be imposed upon the components of a moon-travelling spacecraft are entirely unprecedented in the history of engi- neering. The development of systems which meet these severe requirements has provided us a unique opportunity to find new material and methods, to invent better technical systems, to man- ufacturing procedures, to lengthen the lifetimes of instruments, and even to discover new laws of nature. All this newly acquired technical knowledge is also available for application to Earth-bound tech- nologies. Every year, about a thousand technical innovations generated in the space program find their ways into our Earthly technology where they lead to better kitchen appliances and farm equipment, better sewing machines and radios, better ships and airplanes, better weather fore- casting and storm warning, better communications, better medical instruments, better utensils and tools for everyday life. Presumably, you will ask now why we must develop first a life support system for our moon-travelling astronauts, before we can build a remote-reading sensor system for heart patients. The answer is simple: significant progress in the solutions of technical problems is frequently made not by a direct approach, but by first setting a goal of high challenge which offers a strong motivation for innovative work, which fires the imagination and spurs men to ex- pend their best efforts, and which acts as a catalyst by including chains of other reactions. [...]"


How We Work
Identifying  most pressing problems which hamper progress / development
How We Work
Market validation  of the problems, to make sure there’s enough market potential to tackle the problem
How We Work
Consultation with partners  and multidimensional analysis of other markets to find potential solutions from another sector
How We Work
Strategic planning  of product development & market launch
How We Work
Investment decision based on market viability and devised strategy
How We Work
Building the right team to launch the given project
How We Work
Implementation phase, funded by our family office and external investors:
  • Completely new solution created by a dedicated team of specialists*
  • Implementation of a solution from another sector with adaptation to the requirements of a given problem
  • Full implementation of a solution from another sector
  • Purchase of a new promising startup offering a solution, with no previous opportunities for development (no team, no funds, no contacts/customers)

What people say

  • The space industry is developing and delivering benefits that tie into our immediate needs and priorities here on Earth - for example, medical and materials research, and satellite communications
    Marc Garneau
  • Nothing similar exists outside of Europe
    Mark Boggett
    CEO, Seraphim Capital
  • An exponential growth is expected in the space tech industry in the next few years, with private consumers looking for services like never before and traditional government-run programmes are likely to be taken up by private organisations.
    Santhosh Kurup
  • We look forward to working with our partners to back the most promising companies developing technologies in order to further promote commercial space activities
    Étienne Schneider
    UAC Mars


  • Entrepreneur, startup investor and innovator in technology. Co-founder and CTO of global technology firm, VentureDevs and managing partner at Advantage Ventures. Responsible for creating the financial system used by Google-backed Egnyte.com to acting as a cybersecurity strategic advisor in both the private and government sectors. Mentor at MassChallenge, ReaktorX and MIT’s Enterprise Forum (MITEF), Forbes Technology Council.
    Wojciech Sobczuk
    CTO & Co-founder
  • Years of experience in management, investments, restructuring and modernization of enterprises through new technologies. Member of the EBAN. Since 2014 active entrepreneur and investor in space startups, fintech, IT, cybersecurity. Co-founder of Venture Devs and founder of Indicium.Space and SC Space&Data Inc.
    Patrick J. Gajda
    CEO & Co-founder
  • Seven years of experience in team management, market analysis, commercialisation and technology transfer and customer service. An expert in the legal and technological aspects of cybercrime. Since 2015 active entrepreneur in the space sector, IT, fintech. Co-founder of Indicium.Space.
    Kinga Nowak
    COO & Co-founder
  • Global infrastructure, network and innovation expert and entrepreneur. Co-initiator of SES/ASTRA and architect of SES Global, one of the world’s largest satellite systems.
    Candace Johnson
  • Over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur as well as in various senior and top management positions in the aerospace (Airbus group) and automotive industries (Daimler). Investments in over 50 companies. Vast network in various high-tech verticals and in deeply rooted into the international VC and Angel eco-system.
    Peter E. Braun
  • Chairman and CEO of Valhalla Private Capital. Has been active in the start-up venture space for 25 years as a builder of companies, angel investor, angel group leader and fund manager.
    Randy S. Thompson